Shower Vita Filter – Pine Aroma

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Name: Shower Vita Filter – Pine Aroma

Sale price: 700.000 VND

Discount price: 550.000 VND

Flavor: Pine

Weight: 170g

Working Temperature: 4 – 50 C

Replacement cycle: 1 Vita: 2 months 

                                              3 months if using with Daily Aqua Shower Head

*Based on: Bathing twice a day

(depends on your water pressure, water quality and usage)

Usage: 120 liters per day, 7200 liters for 60 days.

Package: 1 box


Enjoy a luxurious spa feeling right at your home!

Love the life you live. Shower the way you want.

Note: Get the best effective result when matching with  Daily Aqua Shower Filter
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