Premium Shower Head Filter Family Set (For 2 Bathrooms)

Original price was: 5,250,000₫.Current price is: 3,550,000₫.

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Name: Premium Shower Head Filter Family Set.

Sale price: 5.250.000 VND

Discount price: 4.500.000 VND

Colors of Shower Head: White, Blue, Orange, Green.

Flavors of Vita filter: Rose, Lemon, Pine, Lavender.

Package: 2 bathrooms=>   total 2 Shower heads + 28 Filters + 2 Vita Filters + 1 Vita filter (in random flavor)




Experience a relaxing shower in clean and freshwater!

Love the life you live. Shower the way you want.

Note: Get most effective results when Shower Head Filter matches with Shower Vita Filter.
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