How do I install my shower head?

We have the video about how to install Daily Aqua Shower Head. Please click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJB9E6BsnBo

My water bill is always high. Is there any Filter Shower Head for saving water?

Daily Aqua Shower Head is not only saving 30% water, but also creates high-pressure water.

I am using another shower head brand, can I use DA filter to replace my old filter?

Depending on your shower brand we do have the filter replacement. Please contact us directly to know more.

When buying new Daily Aqua Shower Head, can I use the old cable or do I have to buy the new one?

You should check if your cable is too old, we highly recommend you replace it with the new one to prevent some harmful bacterias.

After installing Daily Aqua Shower Head there is water leakage from the connnection between my cable and the shower head. What should I do?

Some old cables might not be strong enough to support the water pressure. Daily Aqua shower head gives stronger and higher water pressure. We offer cables which are strong enough to prevent water leakage. http://dailyaqua.net/shop/bathroom-accessories/shower-cable/

My shower head is too weak and the water smells like Chlorine. How can I improve it?

By using Daily Aqua Shower Head you can also experience spa massaging effects from the increased water pressure. Thanks to the medium & large size curved plate, you can enjoy the silk therapy shower with strong but soft water like silk. Also the micro fabric filters can remove Chlorine debris, rust, limescale and pollutants in the water.

My skin is really sensitive. Can I use AROMA Vita Shower Filter?

Yes Aroma Vita Shower Filter includes Vitamin C, pure milk powder and aromatherapy extracts from: Roses, Lemon, Lavender and Pine. These help replenish nutrients, increase skin moisture, reduce allergic dermatitis and the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen.

My baby (4 months) is allergic to Chlorine in the water. What can I do?

The Filter in our Daily Aqua shower Head can help to remove Chlorine. The Daily Aqua shower Filter also helps eliminate all harmful substances, this in turn will bring clean and safe water to you and your family.

Where can I buy Daily Aqua Shower Head?

You can buy Daily Aqua Shower Head via The website: dailyaqua.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dailyaqua.net/

If Vita filter contains milk powder, will it be spoiled when it's been used and water has entered it?

We have formulated a gel in the form of milk that’s beneficial to the skin and the substance is quite different from actual milk. There is no need to worry about spoilage.

I am willing to buy, but how to calculate the shipping cost of delivery?

In addition to freeshipping in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, the shipping cost for the rest of the region is 35,000 vnd, and more than 1 million is freeshipping in Vietnam


Is it safe when vita gets in my eyes and mouth?

The Vita filter’s ingredients are natural, includes vitamin C and milk powder. They are safe even if the water goes into your eyes. We also have safety certificates for sensitive skin, women, and children of WAA. However, we do not recommend to drink the water directly.

How are the cartridges colored? The photos look like artificial colors but the ingredients listed are natural.

The cartridges are colored due to the make of the essential oils. We have 4 scents available (lemon, rose, lavender & pine). If we are making a lemon vitamin c filter, we extract the natural lemon oil and instill it inside the cartridge, thus making the cartridges colored to complement the scent.

Is it possible to refill the Vita cartridge myself instead of buying replacements?

You cannot refill it yourself. It’s a contained plastic cartridge with an orifice.

What are the Anti-bacteria stone balls made of?

The Anti-bacteria stone balls are made of Gold Maifan stone, Red Volcanic stone and Green Zeolite stone that contains nearly 20 kinds of elements and minerals neccesary for the human body, water purification and sewage treatment.

How long does it last before the Vita filter needs to be replaced?

It lasts up to 2 months (3 months if using with Daily Aqua Shower Head). *Based on: Bathing twice a day (Depends on your water pressure, water quality and usage) Usage: 120 liters per day, 7200 liters for 60 days.

Are there any chemicals used in Vita filter ?

The exact ingredients used for the filters are: milk powder, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), essential oil and distilled water oil.

How does filtered shower head work?

Daily Aqua shower has micro fabric filter to remove rust and debris. Bacteria stone filter prevents germs from multiplying in the water.

How long do shower head filters last?

The new filter core should be replaced regularly after 1 – 3 months of using, depending on the water quality and characteristics in different regions.

What is the Daily Aqua Guarantee? How does it protect me as a buyer?

Duration of Daily Aqua Guarantee is half a year.

I want to use the filtered water for showering and raw water for cleaning the bathroom. Does Daily Aqua Shower head have this feature?

Daily Aqua Shower Head can be easily adjusted in two modes: filtered water and raw water. – If you spin to the left (smiley icon): the shower will be in the water filter mode, helps to remove rusty iron, dirt,..that is harmful to your health. – If you spin to the right (sadly icon): the water filter mode of the shower will be turned off and switched to raw water mode, making it convenient for you to use in case of bathroom cleaning.

Why is my shower head stuck?

It happens when the area you live in has too much minerals. In order to make the water pressure stronger, the holes have to be quite small.  But it also means if there are too many minerals, it might block the holds little by little and effect pressure because of Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). 

What to do if my shower head got stuck?

The shower head got stuck because the area you live has too many minerals (Calcium carbonate (Ca)) because it goes through old pipes, it blocks the holes little by little and affects the pressure.

In order to make the water pressure stronger, we have 2 recommendations to fix this problem:

1. Take off the plate and clean the holes, put the plate into hot water and lemon together, wait about 20 mins, take it out and clean it again with normal water. In case, the water where you live has too many heavy minerals which lead to a serious stuck problem, you should soak the plate with warm lemon water overnight. Also, you should use a vitamin filter to soften the water and decrease the stucking problem.

Please refer to this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5b9HyzMjUs

2. We also offer a 0.5mm shower head’s plate to reduce the stucking problem. However, the water pressure while using will decrease at the same time compared to the current 0.3mm plate.

Why my sink filter is leaking when I install your product?

Yes, due to the strong force of your house’s water, when it rotates, the water force will be pushed up from the bottom, therefore, there are two solutions to fix this problem:

1. Remove the adjustable connector so that the water can flow in a straight direction, avoid blocking the water flow which creates pressure and causing leakage.

2. In case you still want to keep the adjustable connector, Daily Aqua suggests you to not turn on the water too much, it not only avoids making the water flow in the adjustable connector’s direction suddenly but also helps to save water.


Which one can be used for drinking water?

We are sorry that currently, we haven’t had this kind of filter in our selling list. However, we do provide tap filters that can remove dirt, rust, and impurities in the water. We only recommend using water for cooking and washing vegetables.

Where is your products from?

The vitamin filter core is 100% from Korea. The shower materials are imported from Korea and manufacturing in China.

What is the address of your shop?

We haven’t had a proper shop. However, we can introduce you to our wholesaler/ retails shop instead. Please refer to the list below:

1. Navillela: 93 đường số 2, Hưng Gia 2, Tân Phong Ward, D7, HCM

Phone: 02854107974 / 0902344771

2. Showroom: 51 Đường Số 1, Khu Dân Cư Dương Hồng, Xã Bình Hưng, Huyện Bình Chánh, TP HCM (gần ngã 4 Nguyễn Văn Linh và Quốc Lộ 50)

Hotline/Zalo: 0708.70.55.70 – 0938.390.444

3. Hoya Living: Số 13(B35), đường D4, KDC Him Lam, phường Tân Hưng, Quận 7 Phone: 0708 950 095

I wonder if this tap filter fit to the sink at my home.

Yes, if you can remove your faucet aerator, you can install our tap filter. Please refer to the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex42wuMsHKU

If I take a hot shower, will the Vita core be badly transformed or not?

It’s not. Because the working temperature is from 4 to 50 degrees Celsius

What is the maximum degree that the shower can stand?

Daily Aqua water filter shower can stand from 0 to 85 degrees Celsius

Besides the main filter, do I have to buy the head filter too?

In some areas, the water quality is not clean, therefore, we recommend you use the head filter along with the shower body filter to increase the efficiency of the water filter and filter out more sediment. When the filter in the shower head changes to dark brown, you should change it.

What is the material of your shower filter?

The filter is made of polypropylene

Is there anyway to save the filter life?

You can combine using a shower filter with our vitamin filter to increase its useful life. When combining 2 filters together, the effect can be maximize increased: prevent dirt, impurities, and increase water pressure.

At the same time, it provides vitamins and milk for your body. The gentle fragrance of vitamin will help you to reduce stress. Make you feel relaxed with the beautiful harmony of addictive fragrance.


Feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.